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we used to laugh a lot

keep on rolling, never boring

the lollipop of mediocrity
5 September 1985
ganked from rejeneration:

This is not meant to be a 'trite' list. It's not meant to be a substitute for your favorite movies or books or fandoms. It can combine all of those things, if you truly -love- them, but the list is meant to be created with substance. It should involve not only the things that you love now, but the things you've loved since childhood, the things that have endeared themselves to you throughout your life. Things that provide structure for who you are. Try to make them as personal and relevant as possible. Really, this is the only rule.

+ My mother, my brothers and sister
+ Tigerlilies
+ Chocolate
+ Jack Johnson
+ How a little kid will just grab your hand and give you their trust and friendship in an instant, no hesitating
+ Sarcasm
+ Fresh picked pears from my Papa Bud's tree
+ The Princess Bride & meeting someone who can quote it to me
+ "The car trip feeling"
+ My grandmothers and great aunts and all the old women who love me :)
+ Going barefoot or the next best thing: flip flops
+ My bed and heart-shaped cuddle pillow
+ Nicknames & inside jokes
+ The way a baby smells
+ Walking around downtown on my breaks
+ Coloring
+ Green eyes & freckles
+ My little sister's laugh
+ Unabashed dancing
+ Josh McCurry from 5th grade
+ Serious conversations with my best friend, where every other sentence is "I know exactly what you mean."
+ How driving has never stopped being like freedom, no matter how crappy my car or how expensive gas is
+ Simon & Garfunkel
+ Dreaming
+ A chai latte & the clack, clack, clack of the keyboard
+ Men who play rugby
+ The fire-proof box under my bed & all the treasures inside it
+ My middle name
+ Wearing three inch pumps even though I'm already a smidge on the tall side
+ Xander Harris, Cher Horowitz, and Sam Winchester for showing me who I am, as ridiculous as that may be
+ Bob Seger
+ The Battery in Charleston, SC
+ Qila & Tiqa, the Beluga whales at the Vancouver Aquarium
+ night time and a full moon in Cabo
+ The Orion constellation, reappearing like an old friend every October
+ My annual Taken & Band of Brothers rewatches
+ Pepper, Kita, Sam, Claus, Simeon, Colt, Mac, and even Pu & Pickles
+ Painting my nails BRIIIGHT pink
+ The coffeeshop in Newry & Giant's Causeway in the rain
+ Banana Choc Chip muffins from Benjamin's
+ Wandering through a cornfield in late July
+ Having the same small hands as my mom & grandma
+ Listening to a Reds game on the radio
+ Making someone laugh: head thrown back, pounding on the table, tears streaming down their face XD
+ Joss Whedon
+ my SAT score
+ Bottlerockets & sparklers
+ The way my big brither & I can have an entire conversation with just our eyes

And I'll add to it as they come to me!

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